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Summary of Proposal MTH0771

TitleInvestigating geometric and radiometric characteristics of high resolution SAR data
Investigator Roth, Achim - DLR, DFD
Team Member
Mr. Duffe, Jason - Environment Canada, National Wildlife Research Centre
Mr. Ullmann, Tobias - University of Würzburg, Department of Geography, Remote Sensing Unit
SummaryMain purpose of the investigation is the evaluation of the TerraSAR-X products, the development of improved image processing and information retrieval techniques to support the development and definition of new applications, geo-information products and services. Multi-temporal as well as multi-sensoral applications often need to handle and subsequently process a significant amount of scenes. The products size of a single standard level 1 b SAR scene can be up to a few GBytes. In order to derive the geo-information the SAR image needs to pass several further processing steps like radiometric calibration, registration of multi-temporal and -sensoral data sets, filtering, polarimatric analysis etc. Usually these processing steps are individually preformed during the value adding. This implies the availability of an adequate processing environment with respect to e.g. hardware, operations management and control as well as the corresponding staff, in particular when a bulk processing is required. Goal of this research is the development and implementation of post-processors enabling a standardized and operationalfurther processingof the standard level 1 b output products of the TerraSAR-X ground segement. The corresponding output shall be offered as optional add-on products jointly delivered with the level 1 b data set. The development will in particular focus on the support of multi-temporal and multi-sensoral investigations to foster change detection and monitoring. The results shall be tested and demonstrated for different applications.

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