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Summary of Proposal LAN3465

TitleLand cover classification with focus on forest degradation patterns in tropical regions of Ecuador, Philippines and Zambia
Investigator Lippe, Melvin - Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics, Forestry Worldwide
Team Member
Dipl. Ing. Huth, Juliane - German Aerospace Center (DLR), DFD
SummaryThe proposed study aims to assess different methodological pathways using optical EO data in combination with SAR-based information from TerraSAR-X to classify LULC and to detect LULC changes in assessment areas of 10x10 km in Ecuador, Philippines and Zambia, with a further focus on identifying at least two different forest degradation levels. The study areas are part of the LaForeT (Landscape Forestry in the Tropics) project that is coordinated by TI-WF. The study will be employed as a two stage approach, first by a pilot study through a cooperation of TI-WF and Land Surface Department, DFD of DLR as Co-I to elaborate different methodological pathways using one study area (10x10km) in Ecuador and Philippines as test sites. After successful completion of the pilot study, TI-WF will build on the pilot study findings and will extend the methodological approaches to the remaining study areas in Ecuador, Philippines and Zambia. Different methodological pathways (e.g. object-based, decision tree classifier) shall be tested in order to classify land use and land cover, and to detect forest degradation pathways in the study regions. EO data assessment will be supplement by ground control points (GCPs) collected by field teams of TI-WF, and further auxiliary information received from national government organisations in Ecuador, Philippines, and Zambia.

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