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Summary of Proposal GEO3421

TitleUsing the InSAR Technique (e.g., PS) to investigate the land subsidence in one of the historical position in Tehran City
Investigator Mirzadeh, Sayyed Mohammad Javad - University of Tehran, Surveying and Geo-spatial Engineering
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryThe main purpose of current study is investigatingof land subsidence occurrence in the study area in Tehran (the one of historical position). Differential Interferometric SAR (InSAR) technique,such as PS (Persistence Scatter) and SBAS (Small Baseline Subset), will be usedto process images in Stamps software. To check the accuracy of results and alsoinvestigating causes of subsidence, extracted maps, including displacement MeanLOS Velocity (MLV) and interferograms, will be compared to GPS observations ofstudy area and exploitation maps of underground resource. These results can playsubstantial roles to achieve a constructive approach towards preventing damagesin critical infrastructure sectors and planning to decline the rate of subsidencein future. Besides, I would like to publish the derived results in one theauthentic journals in remote sensing and geology fields.

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