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Summary of Proposal HYD3362

TitleTest and validation of TSX Data for the Flood Monitoring Service in Red River Pilot Project (Vietnam) for the Hydrologic Explotation ESA Platform - HEP.
Investigator Garcia Robles, Javier - TRE Altamira, Post-Processing
Team Member
Almeida, Nuno - DEIMOS Engenharia,
Martinez, Bernat - ISARDSAT SL,
Mathot, Emmanuel - Terradue Srl,
SummaryOur technical proposal is based on an ensemble of previous consortium activities that already implemented and validated individually most of the requirements of the Hydrology TEP Project. These previous projects covered the EO Cloud provisioning (ESA G-POD, Supersites Exploitation), the system integration framework for SaaS based on Sentinal data (SenSyF), the hydrology community involvement on projects accessing hydrology data (Switch-On, CEOP/AEGIS, EIP-Water. ESA TIGER) and four hydrology services (HYPE, Altamira Fllods and mapping, FRESHMON and isardSAT Water Level) based on EO data. These projects individually already integrated a wide variety of data (EO, in-situ and socioeconomic), hydrological models, tools (ESA tools, NASA tools and hydrological standard and customised tools). The overall of our technical proposal is defining, implementing and validating the integration of all these componens into a single TEP system providing an ensemble of hydrological services through an improved access to all data and tools available. The total funding of the project is 999,479 . The budget allocated to Phase1 is 234,637 which is 23.5% of the total; the remaining 764,842 (76.5%)is allocated to Phase 2. The type of price is Firm Fixed Price for phase 1, andCeiling Price to be converted to Firm Fixed Price of Phase 2a. There is anallocation of 15 k of FUP for Phase 2b.

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