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Summary of Proposal MTH3358

TitleStudy on Disaster Management System based on Integration of SAR Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies
Investigator Karimzadeh, Sadra - Tokyo Institute of Technology, Built environment
Team Member
Prof. Matsuoka, Masashi - Tokyo Institute of Technology, Built environment
SummaryGenerally, the main purpose of this proposal is to study structural deformations after earthquakes using combination of InSAR methods. Interaction of different disciplines would be a step forward in InSAR progresses. Some researchers are leading significant building change detection projects using SAR imagery outputs (i.e. SAR intensity correlation, backscattering coefficient) [Matsuoka and Yamazaki, Earthq. Spectra, 2005; Arciniegas et al., TGRS, 2007; Matsuoka and Nojima, Remote Sens., 2010], but this issue has not been adequately studied through InSAR or PolInSAR (i.e. interferometric coherence and persistent scatterer). Thus, it seems necessary to conduct studies regarding InSAR physical damages as a main purpose, in order to reach conclusive results. Reliable damage mapping by this method would be useful for fast crisis response after natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons. By the way, financial support for this project will be available through JSPS postdoctoral fellowship in Japan.

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