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Summary of Proposal LAN3308

TitleAutomation of the flood extent and depth mapping in urban areas from TSX archive.
Investigator Guida, Raffaella - University of Surrey, Surrey Space Centre - Electronic Engineering
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryA flood monitoring service will be implemented to give a prompt preview of the flood extent and depth mainly in urban areas, in a fully-automated way. The proposed flood mapping approach depends on the accurate extraction of individual buildings on high-resolution remote sensing data (SAR or optical). Subsequently, the water level will be estimated on the SAR image near each building extracted previously. Based on the results obtained in the previous step (local water level estimation), the flood extent is mapped globally on the urban area appearing on the SAR image. Ultimately, a 3D flood map is constructed to give a more tangible estimation of the extent of the damage and a precise visualization of the affected areas. TerraSAR-X Archive images will be of great help for the monitoring of flooding, especially in vulnerable urban areas where human and economic losses are substantial, and consequently high-resolution SAR images are a must. Eventually, if ground truth is available, the accuracy of the algorithm can be evaluated and compared to methods found in the literature. The aim is to ideally perform the mapping of the inundation in no more than two hours, as was suggested by the UK Environment Agency. To minimize the execution time of the flood mapping, it might be necessary to execute certain tasks of the water mapping on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit or graphic card), which is better optimized for parallel computing. The deliverables of this project are: 1) Two conference papers, on automated local water level estimation and automated urban flood extent mapping respectively, presented in remote sensing conferences (e.g. JURSE, IGARSS, EUSAR...). 2) a journal paper describing a fully-automated service for the global retrieval of urban flood extent and depth on TerraSAR-X images.

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