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Summary of Proposal MTH3261

TitleDeformation monitoring of metros using TerraSAR-X images
Investigator Jingxin, Hou - Central South University, Geosciences and Info-Physics
Team Member
Professor Zhiwei, Li - Central South University, Department of Geosciences and Info-Physics
Associate Guangcai, Feng - Central South University, Department of Geosciences and Info-Physics
SummaryInSAR is a relatively new and powerfultechnology for observing the Earth surface. The wide spatial coverage, highresolution and competitive measurement accuracy make it a very uniquetechnology for many applications, including the generation of DEM and themapping of ground settlement related to volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides andmankind activities. And D-InSAR is a useful technology for measuring surfacedeformation, but it is difficult to get robust deformation results usingconventional differential InSAR method due to lacking enough SAR images jointlyused in SAR interferometry. Time-series InSAR algorithm is used to monitor thetemporal evolution of surface deformation in urban areas. The existed PStechnology is successful in the application of deformation monitoring in urbanareas with middle-resolution, such as ASAR and ERS, and some TerraSAR-X data.But it cannot obtain the detail deformation information about the metro due tothe low resolution. In this project, we will introduce a research onselecting high-quality points in SBAS considering temporal and spatialcharacteristic. This method increases the density and reliability of the selectedpoint in the non-urban areas.

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