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Summary of Proposal COA3213

TitleArchived data to constrain glacier velocities in Alaska,Patagonia, and the Russian Arctic
Investigator Pritchard, Matthew - Cornell University, Earth and Atmospheric Science
Team Member
Research Willis, Mike - Cornell University, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
student Spinolo, Julia - Purdue University, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Assistant Professor Elliott, Julie - Purdue University, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Summary This project will use archived pairs of TerraSAR-X imagesto measure the velocities of fast-moving outlet glaciers in Alaska, Patagonia and the Russian Arctic that are thefocus of ongoing research from our group. Only a fewglaciers are targeted in each large region and there areactually very few archived TerraSAR-X observations of ourglaciers of interest. We have another standing TSX propsoal (GEO1524) to order new acquisitions and we will continue to order these data as funds allow because without tasking, data are rarely acquired in these study areas. The goals of theseprojects are to understand the variations in the velocities of these glaciers due to seasonal effects, long-term climate change, and other dynamic processes.We will use the data immediately as part of a paper we are writing about very rapid changes occurring in the Russian Arctic and the TSX data will provide critical coverage during the winter and to fill in gaps in the time series.

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