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Summary of Proposal MTH3200

TitleChange Detection in UrbanAreas with TerraSAR-X images
Investigator Chen, Chenyue - School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University, Geomatics
Team Member
Professor Li, Zhiwei - School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University, Geomatics
Lecturer Feng, Guangcai - School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University, Geomatics
SummaryAmplitude is mainly determined by backscattering capability of groundobjects. When ground objects change, the corresponding amplitude will bechanged greatly. and amplitude is primarily used for detecting large-scalechanges. Because coherence includes the information of amplitude similarity aswell as phase similarity, it is sensitive to changes, we can detect finershifts by calculating coherence. We use amplitude, phase information andcoherent information of SAR images to exploit the change detection information.We use amplitude, phase information and coherent information of SAR images toexploit the change detection information. For example, when detecting thechanges of city buildings, if there are new buildings, amplitudes in the areawould change and reaches a higher value. meanwhile, coherence would reduceduring the period of change. Afterwards, it would remain stable at a highlevel. We map the changing zone based on amplitude and coherence information.Before and after the construction, the elevation in the area would shift, thuswe compare the detection results with external DEM, further improve thereliability of the results. Firstly, registering all images to ensure that dataof different phases would obtain a consensus in spatial location, resolutionand etc. Then, working out image of adjacent phase with image difference methodand coherence coefficient method, mapping the change area where Large amplitudevariation but low coherence and fixing position via geocoding. Finally,Extracting elevation change region from DEM and compared it with the detectingresults. By analysing time series SAR image, we can operate the dynamicmonitoring and tendency analysis of the change area.

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