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Summary of Proposal HYD3192

TitleUsingTerraSAR-X for the change detection of Tonle Sap (TonléSap) water line
Investigator Li, Yishan - Tsinghua University, Center for Earth System Science
Team Member
Associate Professor Lu, Hui - Tsinghua University, Center for Earth System Science
SummaryThis project needs the TerraSAR-X data of Tonle Sap Lake in 2004to 2014, we need at least 4 image in every year, the 4 images should in May,June, September and December respectively. The objective is detect the change of Tonle Sap Lake waterline, and analysis the influence of the dam in the Mekong River We use different backscatter of different polarization toextract the water body, and combine with DEM data and some in situ measurementdata to analysis the change of water line in these 10 years. The data can send to my E-mail: or in a network location, I willdownload the data in your website or by FTP software. The founding is The National Natural Science Fund, the numberis 41371328

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