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Summary of Proposal GEO3185

TitleGEPATAR: GEotechnical and Patrimonial Archives Toolbox for ARchitectural conservation in Belgium
Investigator Walstra, Jan - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Geological Survey of Belgium
Team Member
Dr. Derauw, Dominique - Centre Spatial de Liege , Signal Processing
Mr. Hayen, Roald - Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Laboratories
Ms. Shimoni, Michal - Royal Military Academy, Signal and Image Centre
Dr. Verstrynge, Els - Katholieke Universtiteit Leuven, Civil Engineering
SummaryBelgium is renowned for its diverse collection of built heritage, visited every year by millions of people. Because of its cultural and economic importance, conservation is a priority at both federal and regional levels. Buildings may suffer from structural instabilities related to industrial and urban development, such as groundwater extraction, mining and excavation. The adequate protection and preservation of built heritage requires an integrated analysis of environmental, architectural and historical parameters. This project therefore aims to improve management of the patrimony by integrating datasets from the archives of the Geological Survey of Belgium Royal Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) and the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (RICH). Satellite radar interferometry will be used to assess ground stability risk of monuments. Exploitation of TerraSAR-X data will allow us to identify ground movements on local scale (i.e. of individual monuments) in urban centres. This research project is funded by the BRAIN-be program of the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO).

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