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Summary of Proposal LAN3157

TitleDetection of ancient relics based on high resolution SAR images
Investigator Dong, Shaochun - Nanjing University, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
Team Member
Dr. Dong, Shaochun - Nanjing University, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
Dr. Wang, Xiaoqi - Nanjing University, Department of Archaeology and Cultural Relics
Dr. Liu, Weipeng - Archaeological Institute of Hangzhou City, N/A
Dr. Wang, Hong - Archaeological Institute of Nanjing City, N/A
SummaryLiangzhu site in China dated around 3300-200 BC, is one ofthe most important discoveries in Chinese Archaeology. It is located in theTaihu Lake basin in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, in Hangzhou city,China. Excavations since 1936 have yielded significant findings, such as citywalls, pavements, houses, ditches, water courses and tons of artifactsincluding ceramics, jades, wood, as well as stones tools. The total excavationarea exceeds more than 10 square kilometers. However, the informationprovided by the archaeological work is still far away from the recovery of thetrue face of the Liangzhu society. There is a high density of archaeologicalsites undiscovered both at the surface and buried beneath the ground in thisarea. Therefore, in this research proposal, wewould like to utilize the high-resolution TerraSAR-X and optical images todetect the location and spatial distribution of archaeological remains situatedin Liangzhu, China in order to reconstruct ancient Liangzhu city and facilitatefurther culture study in this place. Dual- and single pol Terrasar-X images inthe stripmap mode, optical images acquired by worldview-2 satellite, as well asfinds from the field survey and investigation would be integrated for thearchaeological prospection and analysis. The specific objectives of thisproposal are: (1) to detect and map the spatial extent and geomorphology of theancient Liangzhu city; (2) to identify the location of archaeological sites(city walls, pavements, ditches, water courses, etc.). This project is a non-profit projectsupported by Nanjing University, Archaeological Institute of Hangzhou City and ArchaeologicalInstitute of Nanjing City. We hope that this work would greatlyfacilitate and improve the traditional approach for archaeologicalinvestigation, protection and conservation of archaeological discoveries inancient Lizhangzhu city. What’s more, this work would also provide a goodexample and would be a case study for other archaeological work conducted inChina.

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