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Summary of Proposal LAN3111

TitleCoregistration of various images of Forest over Remningstorp test site
Investigator KOENIGUER, Elise - ONERA, DTIM
Team Member
Dr PLYER, Aurélien - ONERA, DTIM

Objective: to validate a coregistration algorithm on various images taken over the Remningstorp forest.


  • Task 1: Data Base constitution. This task concernsthe creation of a test data set, in which te may bhe algorithm will be tested This datasetwill be made up from data primarily open source, (Airborne ESA Campaigns BIOSAR 1 and BIOSAR 3, SLU LIDAR data, Sentinel 1) ; the TSX Archive data and High resolution optical images.
  • Task 2: Processing Development. This task is about the software development for the coregistration service. A first step will concern the test of an initial algorithm called GEfolki developed in our laboratory. The next step will be dedicated to the proposition of adaptations of the approach in order to extend its performance.
  • Task 3: Validation. This task concerns the validation of our approach. It will mainly consist in achieving a performance evaluation stage. This task will include metric definition in order to appreciate the performance, the performance calculation and finally the adjustment of the parameter settings
  • Task 4 Dissemination A final step will be the dissemination. Two kinds of products are envisaged. The first one will be technical publications in scientific revues and conferences. The second one will be to promote our approach by considering derivatives applications in link with the forestry field. For example, a product would be to demonstrate the interest of the Lidar and radar data to count individuals trees.

DELIVERABLES: technical notes on the algorithms and service definition, and publication about results.

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