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Summary of Proposal LAN3025

TitleUse of Interferometric techniques to monitor landdeformation in different landscapes
Investigator Avtar, Ram - United Nations University, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability
Team Member
Dr. Takeuchi, Wataru - University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science
SummaryIn the recent years, the problem of ravine erosion with consequentloss of usable land has received much attention worldwide. Monitoring ofravenous area is an important issue to calculate the erosion rate andsedimentation as well as for sustainable land management. Various remotesensing techniques are available to monitor ravenous areas using optical sensordata. However, use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data is very limited. Theproposed study is an attempt to use the TerraSAR-X inventory data to track thechanges in the ravenous due to the change in land use/land cover in Chambal areaof Madhya Pradesh, India. Classification techniques will also be used to study extentand various classes of land cover in ravenous area. Information about ravinedensity, ravine depth and ravine surface cover using TerraSAR-X data will beuseful to estimate erosion potential. InSAR techniques will be used an additionalinformation to know the terrain height and its relation with the drainage andthe land deformation/subsidence. Finally, this information will be used tomonitor temporal changes in the ravenous area, which would eventually help inestimation of sedimentation and erosion as well as land reclamation planningand management of ravenous areas. In the second test site wewould look into the land subsidence due to the March 11, 2011 Tohokuearthquake.And in third testsite we would look into the land subsidence due to the conversion of thepeatland forest into the rice field and how the water table is changing in thisarea.

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