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Summary of Proposal LAN3021

TitleFeature analysis of DEM generated by repeat pass InSAR processing and guideline examination of updating existing DEM
Investigator NONAKA, TAKASHI - Nihon Univeisity, College of Industrial Technology
Team Member
Dr. Tomohito, Asaka - Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology
Dr Sadayoshi, Aoyama - Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology
Prof. Keishi, Iwashita - Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology
Prof Toshiro, Sugimura - Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology
SummaryThe purpose of this study is to reveal the feature of DEM by developing the procedure by the repeat-pass InSAR methodology to generate the DEM, and indicate the guidelines in order to use it by updating the existing DEM. TerraSAR-X has several modes, such as StripMap, SpotLight, and ScanSAR. The StripMap mode will be mainly used for this study, however SpotLight mode is effective to obtain the height of the man-made objects in urban area. Analysis of the relationships between baseline, acquisition interval, and standard deviation of the DEM errors, we can quantitatively reveal that the variation of the DEM error is negatively correlated to the baseline length. In addition, we will make attempts to create a model of the coherence from baseline and acquisition interval. Such kind of analysis by TerraSAR-X was successfully conducted at the preliminary examination for Mt. Miyake, Japan. Output DEM is compared with DEM produced by WorldDEM, L-band ALOS-2 data, and PRISM DEM etc. PRISM DEM and ALOS-2 data will be provided by the Large-scale Disaster Working Group funded by JAXA.

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