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Summary of Proposal LAN3007


Rice monitoring with multi-temporal and dual-polarimetric TerraSAR-X data

Investigator xiaofeng, zhu - Harbin Institute of Technology, Land resource engineering school
Team MemberNo team members defined

This main objective is the understanding of the coherent co-polarized X-band backscattering signature of rice at different phonological stages in order to retrieve growth status. For this, multi-temporal dual polarimetric TerraSAR-X were acquired in the Sanjiang Plain in Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China. The backscattering coefficients at HH and VV of the observed fields were extracted on the different dates and analyzed as a function of rice phenology to provide a physical interpretation for the co-polarized backscatter response in a temporal and spatial manner. Then, a correlation analysis was carried out between TerraSAR-X backscattering signal and rice biomass of stem, leaf and head to evaluate the relationship with different vertical layers within the rice vegetation.

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