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Summary of Proposal OCE2995

TitleInvestigation of wind retrieval under high wind condition using TS-X and TD-X
Investigator shao, weizeng - Ocean University of China, College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography
Team Member
Asscoiate professor Sun, Jian - Ocean University of China, Physical Oceanography Laboratory
SummaryIn recent years, particular efforts have been made to derive surface wind fields over theocean from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. Due to the high resolution of SAR images, the surface wind field retrieved from SAR images has the ability to discern the detailed structure of the atmospheric phenomena. TheTerraSAR-X, e.g., the SpotLight image with swath of 30 km and spatial resolution of 1 m can significantly improve the detection of marine observation such as wind ,ocean wave and the Stripmap image with swath of 50 km and spatial resolution of 3 m can be better used for wind field retrieval due to high resolution. So far , three empirical XMOD family(GMFs) are developed like linear XMOD, updated to non-linear version XMOD2 and newly version SIR-XMOD for wind retrieval which is lower than 22m/s. However, there are few researches are proceed for determining the performance of the XMOD family under extreme wind condition like hurricane or typhoon. Our issue is collecting TS-X and TD-X that are imaged under high wind condition and then give the performance of three GMFs. The results are compared to numeric model computations or buoy measurements.

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