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Summary of Proposal LAN2990


Ground Subsidence Monitoring in Changsha city with TerraSAR-X Images

Investigator yuefei, jia - Beijing University of Technology, School of City Jiaotong
Team Member
Ph.D. Guang, Zhong - Beijing University of Technology, School of City Jiaotong
Ph.D candidate Xixi, Tian - Beijing University of Technology, School of City Jiaotong

Ground subsidence has always been one of the most severe and widespread geological hazard in cities of China. Although traditional leveling and GPS data are able to provide reliable observations of ground subsidence, they are limited by low spatial sampling density and high cost. To overcome these intractable problems, an advanced remote sensing technique, referred to as Differential Interferomeric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR), was introduced as a feasible way to monitor deformation over wide areas with centimeter-to-millimeter accuracy. Furthermore, to overcome the two major limitations of DInSAR, namely spatial/temporal de-correlation and atmospheric disturbance, the permanent scatterers interferometry technique was suggested as a powerful technique for wide-area deformation monitoring with millimetric precision. Reliable deformation and height correction information can be obtained by adopting stable scattering targets from a long temporal series of interferometric stacks. TerraSAR-X can provide us with high-resolution data and possibly overcome the limitation the sparse density of PS points in suburbs. The density of PS points extracted from TerraSAR-X data is several times higher than those from medium-resolution SAR data. Moreover, The TerraSAR-X data were 11 days repeat cycle, So TSX offers higher temporal coherence of PS pairs. In this proposal, We present a method of wide-area analysis in Changsha using TSX data with PS technique The corresponding validated will be done between the PS analysis results over TSX imageries and leveling data. The work provides a useful guidance and reference for monitoring of city area similar to Changsha. Moreover, the full framework offers a new vision from monitoring of the subsidence of city area.

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