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Summary of Proposal CAL2942

TitleTerraSAR-X data for the analysis and validation of airborne SAR data acquired with the ESA's SnowSAR instrument
Investigator Coccia , Alexander - MetaSensing BV, Airborne operations
Team Member
Ir. DiLeo, Daniela - MetaSensing BV, SAR processing
Dr. Ir. Meta, Adriano - MetaSensing BV, Directorate
SummaryThe proposed ESA Earth Explorer 7 CoReH20 mission had theprimary objective of retrieving snow water equivalent properties ofsnow-covered land types from X- and Ku-band SAR measurements. During thePhase-A feasibility studies in the framework of the ESA-founded AlpSAR projectin collaboration with the CoReH20 retrieval experts, SnowSAR airborne data werecollected to test and validate the retrieval algorithms, the SnowSAR being apolarimetric, dual frequency airborne sensor developed by MetaSensing forsimulating the future CoReH20 instrument. Polarimetric SnowSAR images have been generated and theanalysis is still under progress. Backscatter data are being interpreted inrelation to physical properties of snow cover. Additionally, the challengingrequirement of a radiometric accuracy better than 0.5 dB for SnowSAR productsis under evaluation. To this extend, TerraSAR-X data is a useful tool forassessing the SnowSAR radiometric performance and the quality of thecalibration phase, in particular in the context of the AlpSAR project.

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