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Summary of Proposal OCE2917

TitleDevelopment and improvement of algorithms for automatic man-made marinestructure identification
Investigator Velotto, Domenico - German Aerospace Center, Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF)
Team Member
Mr. Bentes, Carlos - DLR, IMF-SAR
Mr. Tings, Björn - DLR, IMF-SAR
Dr. Singha, Suman - DLR, IMF-SAR
Dr. Prof. Lehner, Susanne - DLR, IMF-SAR
SummaryMan-made structures like oil platforms, ships, and wind park installations are distributed over larger oceanographic areas. Understand the distribution of such structures and their impact over the flora and fauna is essential to prevent environmental damages. Therefore, there is a need to effectively detect and identify such man-made structures, as well to understand their relation to environmental pollutions incidents over the past years. The amount of data collected in the last decade allows researchers to create and improve image processing algorithms using data fusion and machine learning, to better model man-made target signatures and their surrounding environment. The ability to operate in all day and weather conditions, the high sensitivity to metallic targets, and the well know capability to provide environmental parameters, make SAR Images a useful tool to monitor man-made structures over large oceanographic regions and their environmental context. Mainly complex TerraSAR-X images, in StripMap mode, together with other sources of historical data, are going to be used to improve classification algorithms to man-made marine structure monitoring. Funding are internal. Deliverables are in the form of scientific reports.

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