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Summary of Proposal LAN2914

TitleFusion of SAR and Multispectral data for mapping ofnatural areas
Investigator Guida, Raffaella - University of Surrey, Surrey Space Centre - Electronic Engineering
Team Member
Dr Marcello, Javier - University Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Istituto de Oceanografia y Cambio Global
SummaryThe proposed project will use data from the TerraSAR-X archive to advancethe state of the art in high-resolution mapping for the monitoring of naturalprotected areas. From the TerraSAR-X archive, a list of acquisitions will be compiled. Imageproducts derived from the specified acquisitions will then be used as inputdata to develop mapping algorithms. The output thematic maps will be evaluatedby comparison with available ground truth data. Finally, SAR and optical derivedmaps will then be fused. This project will seek to use data covering 2 target sites, with approximately12 products requests per target site (subject to availability of suitableacquisitions in the TSX archive). Product type will primarily include SingleLook Complex (SLC) and Multi-looked Geo-Detected (MGD). Spotlight and stripmapmodes will be preferred. The project will deliver at least: ·Journal publication describing the algorithms for thegeneration of land cover maps using TSX data for the monitoring of naturalprotected areas. ·Journal publication describing the fusion of TSX andWorldview-2 data and the results achieved for the monitoring of naturalprotected areas. ·Some congress presentation about the previous topics.

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