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Summary of Proposal MTH2878

TitleHigh-resolution spaceborne radar data for damage assessment in urban areas and combination with estimated vulnerability
Investigator DellAcqua, Fabio - University of Pavia and EUCENTRE, Electronics
Team Member
Prof. Guida, Raffaella - University of Surrey, Surrey Space Centre
Dr. Brett, Peter - University of Surrey, Surrey Space Centre
Dr. De Vecchi, Daniele - University of Pavia, Italy, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell
Dr. Harb, Mostapha - University of Pavia, Italy, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell
SummaryThe use of EO data in emergency managementcontexts, especially for damage assessment purposes, has been widely proposedand a number of results have been presented after every event, mostly based onoptical data and manual interpretation. In this proposal we instead focus onradar data and on automating the damage assessment procedure. We areinvestigating the possibility of using only post-event, VHR spaceborne radardata combined with a [1]vulnerabilitymetric of the area as estimated before the event using EO and crowdsourceddata. The goal of the task is to determine the damage level in urban areasaggregated at the size of the city block. Considering post-event-only data isuseful because it is independent of the availability of pre-event VHR data,which is still quite scarce given the young age of meter-resolution spaceborneSAR systems and low activation rate of spotlight mode. The working hypothesisis that less-physically-ordered damaged areas reflect into a larger degree ofentropy in the backscattered radar patterns. Some experments have already beenperformed, with some notable preliminary results from COSMO/SkyMed dataprovided by the Italian Space Agency through the Italian Civil ProtectionDepartment as a part of an emergency procedure on the occasions of recentearthquakes. The difference in the height estimated after considering thedouble-reflection also deserves further investigation.

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