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Summary of Proposal GEO2845

TitleAnalysis of post-impoundment landslide activities inThree Gorges reservoir area using archived TerraSAR-X data stacks
Investigator Zhang, Lu - Wuhan University, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote
Team Member
Prof. Liao, Mingsheng - Wuhan University, LIESMARS
Prof. Balz, Timo - Wuhan University, LIESMARS
SummaryThe Shupinglandslide at Zigui County upriver the Three Gorges Dam that is located in themiddle Yangtze River is taken as our test site. From our previous study withstripmap-mode and spotlight TerraSAR-X data acquired in 2008-2010, it has beenrevealed that the rapid fluctuations of waterlevel in the Three Gorges Reservoir has a great impact on the slope stability of the Shupinglandslide. A long-term stack of stripmapmode and spotlight-mode TerraSAR-X data covering the test site has beenacquired in descending orbit and archived by DLR from 2011 to 2013. Therefore,in this proposed project we would like to investigate the correlation betweendeformation and water level/rainfall including lags between deformation andwater level/rainfall, dangerous water level change rate etc. Detailed analyses will be carried out in the following aspects. (1)Both PSI/SBAS and offset tracking analyses will be carried out using the Stripmapmode and Spotlight-mode TerraSAR-X data stack acquired from2012 to 2013 to derive the LOS deformationvelocity map over the landslide slope surface. Then comparisons will beperformed to evaluate these techniques in terms of capability of measuringsubtle deformation at landslide slope surface. (2)PSI as well as SBAS results derived from the Spotlight-mode data stack will be cross-validatedwith that was obtained from the Stripmap-mode data stack. Both results of LOSdisplacements must be converted into motion vectors along the gradient of thelandslide slope surface before comparison. Then the stability of landslide slopes will be evaluated and the relationship between the landslide deformation activities and waterlevel variations will be analyzed. (3) Wewill investigate the correlation between deformation and water level andrainfall including lags between deformation and water level/ rainfall, dangerouswater level change rate. Theproject is funded by the National Key Basic Research Program of China (GrantNo. 2013CB733205) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (GrantNo. 41271457 and 41021061).

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