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Summary of Proposal LAN2820

TitleUse of TerraSAR-X data archive to support multi-hazard risk analysis within the RASOR project
Investigator Koudogbo, Fifame Nadege - Altamira Information, Altamira Information
Team Member
Dr Rudari, Roberto - Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale - Fondazione CIMA, CIMA Research Foundation - Hydrology
Mr. Eddy, Andrew - Athena Global Europe, Athena Global Europe
Dr. Beckers, Joost - Deltares, Deltares
Dr. Salvi, Stefano - ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI GEOFISICA E VULCANOLOGIA, Centro Nazionale Terremoti
Dr. Ganas, Athanassios - National Observatory of Athens, National Observatory of Athens
SummaryThe present proposal is presented within the RASOR project. The RASOR (Rapid Analysis and Spatialization Of Risk) project has for objective the development of a platform to perform multi-hazard riskanalysis for the full cycle of disaster management, including targeted supportto critical infrastructure monitoring and climate change impact assessment. A scenario-driven query system will allow the simulation of future scenarios based on existing or assumed conditions and compare them with historicalscenarios. RASOR will thus offer a single work environment that generates new risk information across hazards, across data types (satellite EO, in-situ),across user communities (global, local, climate, civil protection, insurance,etc.) and across the world. Five case study areas are considered within theproject, located in Haiti, Indonesia, Netherlands, Italy and Greece. TerraSAR-Xarchive data, available over some of those sites, are requested in this proposal.

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