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Summary of Proposal LAN2793

TitleBuilding non-linear displacement using SAR data
Investigator Cerchiello, Vania - IUSS, Risk and Emergceny Management
Team Member
Engineering Pasquali, Paolo - SARMAP SA, Remote Sensing
Professor Dell Acqua, Fabio - Universitą di Pavia, Electronic Deparment
SummaryThe interferometric technique allows detection of ground settlements and displacements. During the project 3 stack of data will be analysed: ERS 1/2 (time period 1992-2002), ENVISAT (time period 2002-2010) and TerraSARX (time period 2010-2012) to detect different resolution results. The exploitation of a series of N SAR images allows identifying areas (pixels) that show coherent signal (displacement) over the time. Two approaches will be used: Persistent Scatterer (PS) and Small Baseline (SBAS). The first one looking more at Point Target features (more appropriate in urban areas) and the second one looking more at distributed features (more appropriate for open areas). After this processing phase, the detected displacements will be analysed using a "laminated beam" model that schematises a building in order to understand the structural conditions of the construction. The final results will be the damage assessment of buildings due to subsidence phenomena. All these analysis will be carried out in the southern part of Rome.

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