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Summary of Proposal MTH2772

TitleSmall scale and large gradient mining-induced deformation monitoring with high resolution SAR data
Investigator Chaoying, Zhao - Changan University, College of engineering geology and geomatics
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryIn this proposal, we will focus on the small spatial coverage but large deformationgradient mining-induced deformation analysis. Two typical mine sites i.e.Daliuta mine and Xishan mine, China will be selected based on the formerinvestigation. Over these two mining-sites, we have acquired Envisat/ASAR data,ALOS/PALSAR data and some TerraSAR-X data under the the former approved TerraSAR projects, "Ground fissures monitoringin Fenwei basin with TerraSAR-X data, (grant:LAN0559)"," Land Subsidence, Ground fissures and Faults Monitoring withpermanent scatterer Technique over Fenwei Basin, China,( grant:LAN1535) ". Wehave achieved good results on DEM reconstruction within urban region, groundfissures deformation, mining induced large gradient subsidence, landslidedisplacement and unstable mass movement etc. Moreover, in-situ GPS andCorner reflectors are available over the research regions. So, the high resolution TerraSAR-X data will be assessed forits potentials of monitoring ability, usability, flexibility, precision andreliability. Exactly to say, the maximum deformation monitoring ability withstrip and spot mode TerraSAR-X data will be assessed over the mining subsidencecases, which can be easily tested over volcano and earthquake deformation fields.However, for the small spatial coverage of one specific mine site, it is prettydifficult to calculate precise offset-based deformation when the phase-basedmeasurement fails. Secondly, 3-D deformation field recovery is necessary formining-induced deformation analysis and disaster prevention, so the fusion of phase-basedmeasurement and offset-based measurement can provide a new way to invert 3-Ddeformation. Accordingly, we have defined detailed research schemes, whichinclude PS-InSAR calculation over the coherent regions, so that the deformationedge can be determined; CR-based InSAR, offset and time-series measurement canbe expected, so that the maximum deformation value can be reliably obtained; Thefusion of phase measurement, offset measurement and GPS measurement will reconstruct3-D deformation field. These three research results can be applied to miningdeformation forecast. In the research, PS-InSAR, CR-InSAR, CR-based offset,fusion of GPS phase and offset measurement will be enhanced and fully testedfor the strip and spot mode TerraSAR-X data. This proposal has been jointly funded by two Natural ScienceFoundation of China (NSFC),"Research on the collapse disaster in mine areaby using the multi-resolution spaceborne synthetic aperture radarinterferometry technique (No: 41072266),(2011-2013) " and "Researchon key techniques of instable rock mass deformation with InSAR, (No. 41372375)(2014-2017). Archived TerraSAR-X data with strip and spot modes data arerequired. And algorithms involved and test results will be delivered during andafter the project execution.

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