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Summary of Proposal CAL2659

TitleModeling on Influence Atmospheric Column Water Vapor at Values of Phase Delay Calculations in D-INSAR Method ( TSX Sensor)
Investigator pakdaman, mohamad - Azad University, Remote Sensing and GIS
Team Member
Dr Sharifikia, mohamad - Tarbiat Modares University, Geography
Dr Almodaresi, ALI - islamic azad university, Remote Sensing and GIS
MSc pakdaman, mohamad - islamic azad university, Remote Sensing and GIS
SummaryI am a student of MSc remote sensing & GIS in Islamic Azad University, Yazd branch. My favorite topics in remote sensing is: 1- SAR Interferometry 2-Polarimetric SAR 3-hyperspectral 4-change detection. I am researching about relation between atmospheric water vapor content and phase delay value in D-INSAR method on TSX sensor. In this thesis, we will try that estimate water vapor content with MERIS & MODIS Sensors. Then we calculate phase delay value in two mode: 1-Phase delay calculation with atmospheric correction using MERIS sensor 2-Phase delay calculation without atmospheric correction In the next step, we will try that create a model between estimated atmospheric water vapor content from MERIS & MODIS sensor with calculated phase delay on TSX sensor. Models will be create base on Neural Networks, LSM (Least Squares Method) and RSM (Response Surface Model).Then we will select a model that having least variance in area of interest. This procedure will be perform in 6 various climate and the end step,we will combine and integrate models obtained from each climate, for better result. In this research we need to 4 pair image of TSX sensor from 4 various climate in Iran. This 4 pair images must be suitable for interferometry analysis whit appropriate baseline. In this project, I would assume all financial responsibility.

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