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Summary of Proposal LAN1918

TitleNormal021Applicationof TerraSAR-X data to study the ground deformations caused by construction andexploitation of Warsaw underground.
Investigator Porzycka, Stanislawa - AGH University of Science a. Technology, Department of Geoinformatics and Applied Computer Science
Team Member
Mr Strzelczyk, Jacek - SATIM Satellite Monitoring Llc, N/A
PhD Porzycka-Strzelczyk, Stanisława - SATIM Satellite Monitoring Llc, N/A
Prof Leśniak, Andrzej - SATIM Satellite Monitoring Llc, N/A
PhD Pięta, Anna - SATIM Satellite Monitoring Llc, N/A
Mr Opido, Piotr - SATIM Satellite Monitoring Llc, N/A
SummaryNormal021The aim of the described project is to performdetailed analysis of ground deformations caused by construction andexploitationof Warsaw underground. Theanalysis will be done based on the TerraSAR-X data in SpotLight and StripMapmodes. The values of ground deformations will be determined using DInSAR andPSInSAR techniques. In Warsaw there is one functioning undergroundline.Itwas finished in 2008. The underground line is 23.1 km long and itspreads out from northern (Bielany district) to southern part (Ursynowdistrict) of city.The depth ofplatforms locations varies from 6.2 m to 12.2 m.In the last four yearsmany complains connected with negative influence of underground havebeenreported.Lot of them were concerned to the buildingsdevastation induced by ground deformations. In September 2010 the construction of the new line ofWarsaw underground was started. It will spread out form the western side of city(Ursus district) to the eastern side where it will be separated into two linesfacing north and south.The totallength of the second underground line will be 31 km. Currently the central partof this line isunderconstruction.It will be 6.1 km longand will have seven stations. These stations will be located at a depth from 13m to even 23 m.Tunneling rate is about80 meters per week.In the last fewmonths a lot of complains from Warsaw residents were reportedto the underground contractor. Most of the complains concern thebuilding devastation (cracking walls) causedby ground deformations. In relation to these complains the undergroundperformer introduced additional system of ground deformations monitoring.The values of deformations are measuredfor186 buildings. Theapplication of high resolution SAR images can help to determine the impact ofunderground construction on the stability of involved areas. Using DInSARtechnique the more general information about ground deformations within Warsawcan be provided and using PSInSAR technique the study of stability ofparticular buildings can be performed. Such information can be very useful bothto the Warsaw residents and underground contractor. The radar interferometrytechniques can be used not only to determine the values ofground deformations caused by undergroundconstruction but also to study this deformations which are induced byexploitation of old line of Warsaw underground.

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