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Summary of Proposal LAN1903

TitleChanges of Land Use in Balikpapan
Investigator Lazecky, Milan - VSB-TUO, Institute of Geoinformatics
Team Member
Pohankovŕ, Zuzana - LESTARI, o.s.
Masopustová, Renáta - ČZÚ Praha,
SummaryBalikpapan in Indonesia is a region containing a large variety oforiginal species of fauna and flora. During last years, a development of local industrial plants and farms leads to decrease of numbers of thenatural inhabitants. This projects tries to find out changes in landcover during the last years. There is also a suspicion that someindustrial companies bypass environmental laws - this should beinvestigated using modern methods. Optical remote sensing is of no usebecause of clouds in the tropical area. Data from SAR instruments should help. There is no funding source of the project, yet. At the moment we apply for TSX archived data which should be available without charges. A web-based map will bedeveloped within the project as a student work. Publications inecology-based scientific journals are expected. Satellite SAR intensityimages will be evaluated in their timeline using algorithms for changedetection and for a basic land use interpretation. Changes will beevaluated with a help of in-situ knowledge, the main criterium ofsuccess is an appropriate interpretation of land-use changes, detectionof industry-caused changes and appropriate evaluation of impact of suchchanges into original fauna and flora.
Detailed reportOnly one TSX image has been used as a testing sample. Different types of land cover could have been detected by combination of VH and VV bands. The resulting image has been used only as a sample for demonstration purposes (internal meeting within the workgroup and one conference: Tropical Biodiversity Conservation Conference (TBCC) 2014: ).

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