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Summary of Proposal MTH1899

TitleAdvanced InSAR and Tomography for urban infrastructure monitoring using high resolution TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Rabus, Bernhard - Simon Fraser Univsersity, Applied Sciences, School of Engineering
Team Member
Senior Analyst Davidson, Gordon - MDA, R&D
Research Analyst Sharma, Jayanti - MDA, R&D
Research Analyst Eppler, Jayson - MDA, R&D
Project Manager Busler, Jennifer - MDA Systems Ltd., Research and Development
Chief Technology Off Ghuman, Parwant - 3v Geomatics Inc., Research and Development
Zimmer, Aaron - 3v Geomatics Inc., Research and Development
van Heiningen, Jan - 3v Geomatics Inc., Research and Development
SummaryMDA R&Dís proposed project makes use of the extensive archive of historic TerraSAR-X data to verify and test recently developed advanced InSAR and tomography techniques for high resolution data. MDA has enhanced their advanced InSAR solution to measure displacement with the development of tomographic methods making use of compressive sensing techniques, as well as the application of adaptive phase filtering to reduce interferometric phase noise while optimally preserving spatial resolution. The proposed project would use high-resolution TerraSAR-X data over an urban area to demonstrate these new InSAR techniques at the spatial resolution limit feasible with spaceborne civilian SAR sensors.This work is expected to lead to further quality and efficiency improvements to advance SAR tomography andinterferometry methods in the R&D group with the ultimate goal of generating accurate dense 3-D elevation profiles to monitor stability and integrity of urban infrastructure.

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