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Summary of Proposal RES1888

TitleInventory of photovoltaic and wind turbine power plants by using multi-temporal high resolution SAR images: a feasibility study.
Investigator Notarnicola, Claudia - EURAC, Istitute for Apllied Remote Sensing
Team Member
DR Notarnicola, Claudia - EURAC, Institute for Applied remote sensing
DR Spisni, Andrea - Arpa, Servizio Idrometeoclimatico
SummaryThe use of high and very-high resolution images and the exploitation of innovative change detection and multi-temporal techniques are important support for many application domains, including monitoring of new man-made features. This project aims at investigating the use of multi-temporal SAR imagery for detecting and mapping photovoltaic and wind power plants. This implies the accomplishment of the following specific objectives: ·The assessmentof multi-temporal RS data to detect stable features and their likely variability in time. ·The investigation and development of automatic techniques to support the detection and mapping of photovoltaic and wind power plants. ·The comparison of the products derived from SAR and optical images. The first phase of the project will regard an extensive state-of-the-art analysis regarding the most recent and advanced techniques for analysis of high resolution SAR images time series. Particular attention will be devoted to the specific chosen application that is detection and monitoring of photovoltaic and wind power plants. A part will also be dedicated to the identification and relationship understanding of the features of the investigated RS signals andmore specifically to the proper filtering techniques. The filtering techniquesare quite important as they allow reducing the noise background with respect tothe features to be detected. Moreover, specific filters will be considered inorder to properly identify the regular shapes that characterize these man-made structures. Different techniques will be combined in order to be able to develop a semi-automatic processing chain which will then be used to update the maps. The expected general outcomes of this project will be the following: -The feasibility assessment to properly detect photovoltaic and wind turbine power plants by using multi-temporal high resolution SAR images; -A processing chain based on multi-temporal SAR images to detect photovoltaic and wind power plants; -A set of products reporting the detected photovoltaic and wind power plants. For photovoltaic fields, a comparison with optical data will also be addressed. -An analysis on strengths, weaknesses and possible synergies of different sensors (SAR and optical) in the optic of their combined exploitation for a more accurate and comprehensive study of these structures. With specific regard to the use of TerraSAR-X SAR imagery, the expected results of the activity will be: -The analysis and the assessment of TerraSAR-X X-band SAR data for the detection and mapping of the specific man-made structures. -The analysis of the potential and limitations of X band SAR for the mapping and monitoring of environmental changes in synergy with other remote sensing data.

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