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Summary of Proposal HYD1882

TitleGlaciers dynamics in Antarctica and Ny-Alesund with TerraSAR-X Data
Investigator ZHOU, Chunxia - Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping, Wuhan University
Team Member
prof. WANG, Zemin - Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping, Wuhan University
SummaryThe scientific investigations will focus on ice kinematics research, ice surface characteristic and topographic mapping. SAR data pose the evident potential in this field because there is polar night in the Arctic and Antarctic. Interferometry using synthetic aperture radar data gives researchers a new set of tools to measure topography, tiny displacement on the ice sheet’s surface. Our center has utilized SAR and optical data to generate DEM, determine ice flow velocity, and detect crevasse in Antarctica. Moreover, the field survey of GPS observation by our center provides a valuable reference, including GPS observation for mapping, multi-term GPS observation for ice flow velocity. The results of the TerraSAR data can be evaluated in different ways. Based on the SAR data, complemented with high-resolution optical remote sensing data and satellite altimetry data, the project is to determine the ice movement, to generate high-precision DEM, detect crevasse, which contribute to the TerraSAR product validation and application, polar research and the global environment change. The research is fully supported by Natural Science Foundation of CHINA (NSFC) (No. 41076126, PI: ZHOU Chunxia) and the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) (No. 2009AA12Z133, PI: ZHOU Chunxia, and No. 2012AA12A304-20, PI: WANG Zemin). Further funding will be applied from more national funding bodies. Field expedition and data collection are fully supported by Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration. Field work will arranged based on the research plan and the achievements.

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