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Summary of Proposal GEO1878

TitleUnraveling present-day deformation around the eastern and western syntaxes of the Himalayan range
Investigator Barbot, Sylvain - Nanyang Technological University, Earth Observatory of Singapore
Team Member
Professor Tapponnier, Paul - Nanyang Technological University, Earth Observatory of Singapore
SummaryWe propose to use a combination of InSAR and GPS to constrain the present-day kinematics at the western and eastern terminations of the Himalayan Range, where the interacting geometry of thrust and strike-slip faults leads to strong gradients of deformation. We will take advantage of the long GPS time series and the spatial and temporal coverage of InSAR to constrain the geometry, long-term slip rates, and coupling of major faults in western Tibet (Zone A: western Tarim Basin, Altyn Tagh Fault, Kunlun Thrusts, Karakorum Fault, Himalayan Frontal Thrust) and northern Myanmar (Zone B: Himalayan Frontal Thrust, Shillong Thrust, Sagaing Fault, Indo-Burman Thrusts, Jiali Fault, Xianshuihe Fault). Joint analysis of InSAR and GPS data will reveal spatial variations in fault slip and highlight locked regions of faults potentially capable of generating large earthquakes. Processing of archived TerraSARX data will be critical to assess seismic hazards along these faults of the India-Eurasian collision.

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