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Summary of Proposal GEO1872

TitlePostseismic deformation across the Wenchuan earthquake fault from TerraSAR-X InSAR analysis
Investigator Sun, Jianbao - Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Admnistration, Lab. Earthquake Dyanamics
Team Member
Associate Prof. Sun, Jianbao - Lab. of Earthquake Dynamic, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administratio, N/A
SummaryWe lack of SARdata after the great 2008 Wenchaun earthquake for postseismic deformationstudies. The GPS data is sparsely distributed, provides important constraintsfor postseismic deformation models, however, some of the data has no goodrecording, and the ground coverage is also limited for such a huge event. Byusing potential TSX data acquired after the earthquake,we expect to get some valuable information near the strong coseismic slip areanear Beichuan city, where the coseismic slip is maxed. We also intent to lookfor more data covering the Sichuan basin if available, and use the data withour GPS data to reliably constrain postsiesmic deformation models. Because onlyfew pairs of InSAR data can be used, the conventional InSAR processing isenough for this project. We expect to produce postseismic interferograms if thecoherence are good enough for such a processing. We have funding from our Instituteon this work, and it closely related with our on-going GPS project of this area.

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