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Summary of Proposal COA1857

TitleAnalysis and assessment of ship signatures and sea clutter in SAR images using TSX archived data
Investigator Guida, Raffaella - University of Surrey, Surrey Space Centre - Electronic Engineering
Team Member
Dr Guida, Raffaella - Surrey Space Centre - University of Surrey - Guildford U.K., Electronic Engineering
SummaryDuring the project a new model for the sea-clutter backscattered field and innovative procedures for ship-detection will be developed. The novel method will take in account the shape and the backscattered field from ships and vessels differently from the traditional CFAR (Constant False Alarm Technique) algorithms where the detection procedure is only based upon the clutter distribution of the marine surface. Initially, simulated SAR data will support the development of models and algorithms. Then,images from the TerraSAR-X archive will be essential for testing the algorithms on real SAR images: harbour areas, straits and, in general portions of sea and ocean with a large number of vessels are the kinds of scenario required. Finally the performances of the proposed novel method will be compared with traditional techniques of ship-detection with the purpose of investigating a possible fusion of SAR data acquired at different frequencies to decrease the revisit time of a targeted area. The project will deliver at least: 1) a journal publication describing novel procedures and comparing the results with those of other techniques already shown in literature and with those coming from other SAR missions working at different band frequency (Sentinel-1 in C band); 2) several conference papers at Remote sensing conference (e.g. JURSE, IGARSS, EUSAR, TerraSAR-X meetings etc.)

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