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Summary of Proposal HYD1851

TitleSynergistic use of TerraSAR-X and optical remote sensing for habitat mapping in the Amazon River floodplain and adjacent upland areas (Brazil)
Investigator Seyler, Frédérique - Institut de recherche pour le développement, Centre IRD de Guyane
Team Member
Dr AUDA, YVES - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Geosciences Environnement Toulouse
Dr BONNET, MARIE-PAULE - Institut de recherche pour le développement, Geosciences Environnement Toulouse
(PI) Dr SEYLER, FREDERIQUE - Institut de recherche pour le développement, Centre IRD de Guyane
Dr SYLVA, THIAGO SANNA F. - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, Remote Sensing Division
SummaryThe proposed research will combine the potential offered by TerraSAR-X SAR imagery and freely available optical data (Landsat/MODIS) to produce fine scale maps of floodplain and dry land habitats for selected sites occurring along the Amazon River, in support for biodiversity studies conducted under the Clim-Fabiam research program, funded by the French Foundation of Research on Biodiversity (FRB).

Under the terms of the 2013 Announcement of Opportunity: “Utilization of the TerraSAR-X Archive”, the present proposal addresses the main topic of “Scientific evaluation of Terra SAR-Xdata”, under the themes “Land Cover & Vegetation”, “Water Resources & Hydrology”, and “SAR Methods & Research”, and complies with the definition of scientific, non-commercial use of TerraSAR-X, as it focuses on the use TerraSAR-X data to support application-oriented research by international research institutions.

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