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Summary of Proposal LAN1832

TitleUsing TerraSAR-X data for disaster management of forest areas in Germany
Investigator Martin, Klaus - SLU, Company for Remote Sensing and Environmental Research, N/A
Team Member
Mr. Ackermann, Jörg - Nordwestdeutsche Forstliche Versuchsanstalt , Abteilung Waldschutz / Sachgebiet Fernerkundung und GIS
SummaryThree German Federal forest research organisations are encouraged to support more in-depth studies providing data for their forest monitoring system especially in case of biotic (e.g. insect feeding) and abiotic damages (e.g. storm, hail). So-called change-detection-tools will betested to reproduce the development of forest areas after damages and to adjust long-term management targets of forest administration. So-Called change-detection tools will be tested with time series of forested areas. Spatially enhanced StripMap data with dual polarisation and SpotLight data will be used. The project will be supported and partially funded by forest research organsiations.

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