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Summary of Proposal GEO1817

TitleSeasonal Landslide Monitoring in California, USA
Investigator Schmidt, David - University of Washington, Earth and Space Sciences
Team Member
Professor Roering, Josh - University of Oregon, Geological Sciences
SummaryWe propose to study slow-moving landslides in the coast range of California using TerraSAR-X (TSX) data. These landslide move at average down-slope rates of 1-2 m/yr and exhibit a clear seasonal response. Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data will enable us to perform a reconnaissance‐level survey of actively deforming terrain, quantify slope movement associated with seasonal rainfall, and test coupled hydrologic‐mechanical models for slide dynamics.The analysis of TSX data will complement our broader landslide study along the Eel River of Northern California, a project that is funded by an active NASA grant.We require a continuous record of TSX acquisitions, which we will process to make a time series of the landslide movement through the year.We will compare our satellite observation tothe historical movement inferred from the cross‐correlation of orthorectifed air photos (1944‐present). When coupled with high‐resolution topographic data acquired using existing LiDAR data, the InSAR and photogrammetric analyses will enable us to establish functional relationships between slope movement and climatic,tectonic, and lithologic variables. Field‐based monitoring of the landslides in our study area will providea multi‐year record of hydrologic response and displacement with high temporal resolution that will coincide with the TSX mission. These complementary data sets will allow us to cross-validate the geophysical signals provided by the satellite observations.

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