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Summary of Proposal HYD1808

TitleComparison of ice sheet flow rate obtained from X-band SAR with that from L-band SAR
Investigator Doi, Koichiro - National Institute of Polar Research, Division for research and education
Team Member
Associate Professor Nakamura, Kazuki - Nihon University, Department of Computer Science
Senior Researcher Yamanokuchi, Tsutomu - Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan, N/A
SummaryTwo dimensional displacement map of an ice sheet derived from X-band Synthetic Aerture Radar data may be different from that derived from L-band SAR data because of the differences in their penetration depths of the microwaves. Our objectives are to explore that the difference is exist or not, and, if the difference exists, to explore correlations between distribution of the difference with the topography and/or surface characteristics. In this study,firstly, we will make quasi-three dimensional displacement maps by applying differential interferometric SAR technique to both TerraSAR-X and ALOS/PALSAR data. And then, we will compare the obtained displacement maps to examine whether the flow velocities obtained from the two SAR sensors are different or not. The displacement maps will also be compared with in situ GPS measurement result on the ice sheet surface to validate that displacement obtained from TerraSAR-Xdata represents the ice surface displacement. We need three passes SM mode data of ascending and descending paths at several places and at different acquisition times. We also need SH mode data to improve resolution of pixel offset analysis. From the proposed research, we can get information about velocity structure beneath surface of the ice sheet. We apply to Grant-in-Aid for Science Research of Japan Society for promotion of Science (JSPS) in order to get funds to implement SAR data analysis. We also apply to ALOS-2 Research Announcement to utilize ALOS/PALSAR data.

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