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Summary of Proposal COA1800

TitleGround surface dynamics in the Venice Lagoon: five years of monitoring of natural tidal landforms and anthropogenic structures by TerraSAR-X
Investigator Tosi, Luigi - National Research Council, Institute of Marine Sciences
Team Member
Dr Tosi, Luigi - National Research Council (CNR), Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR), Geology and Geophysics
Dr Teatini, Pietro - University of Padova, Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (DICEA)
Dr Strozzi, Tazio - Gamma Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG (GAMMA), -
Dr Braga, Federica - National Research Council (CNR), Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR), -
Dr Wegmüller, Urs - Gamma Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG (GAMMA), -
SummaryThe proposed research will be performed in the framework of the RITMARE project, a Flagship Project which is one of the National Research Programmes funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research. RITMARE ( is the leading national marine research project for the period 2012-2016; the overall project budget amount to 250 million Euros, co-funded by public and private resources. RITMARE is coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy and involves an integrated effort of most of the scientific community working on marine and maritime issues, as well as some major industrial groups. This proposed activity is part of the in the Action 2 “Hydrogeologeological processes, ground dynamics and relative sea level changes” where the analysis of the ground dynamics of the Venice Lagoon has been proposed also by the use of TerraSAR-X. In particular, within RITMARE, the extension of the ground vertical displacement analysis, which was already done from 2008-2009 period (LAN 0242), and in progress until 2011 (COA0612), has been proposed uo to the end of 2012. The main objectives of the proposed activity are: 1) improving the knowledge of the RSLR in the Venice area by a reasonably long time stack, i.e. about five years, of repeat-orbit TerraSAR-X acquisitions using persistent scatterer interferometry; 2) updating the experiment on detecting salt marshes displacement by more than 50 artificial trihedral-square reflectors ad-hoc established in 2006-2007 in the lagoon basin (Strozzi et al., 2009, Strozzi et al, submitted to JGR); 3) updating the knowledge of the displacements of the historical center of Venice; 4) updating the displacement trends of the defenses constructed or under construction for the safeguarding of the city and the lagoon (MOSE, see Strozzi et al. 2009). A time series of 34 interferometric TerraSAR-X data (stripmap, single polarization, 3 m resolution, 30 km swath width) from 5/10/2011 to 29/12/2012 will be requested at the beginning of 2015. Specific objectives of the proposed activity include the generation of land subsidence maps with the monitoring of local structures and ad hoc artificial reflectors, the integration of deformation maps in the end-user working environment, the evaluation of potential and limitations, including comparison with ENVISAT ASAR, ALOS-PALSAR and COSMO-SkyMed data already processed by the team, and the publication of results. The major expected impact of the project is a significant contribution to the scientific community providing the assessment of land subsidence at sub-millimetric precision, which is the base for forecasting specific scenarios of RSLR in Venice. Concerning the financial support to run the proposed research, i.e., for data processing, VAL/CAL activity and process interpretation, it will be ensure by the RITMARE project (UO01_AC2_WP1_SP3).

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