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Summary of Proposal GEO1796

TitleNew Orleans subsidence detected by X-band observations
Investigator Wdowinski, Shimon - Florida International University, Earth and Environment
Team Member
Dr. Wdowinski, Shimon - university of Miami, marine Geology and Geophysics
Dr. Amelung, Falk - University of Miami, Marine Geology and Geophysics
Dr. Kim, Sang-Wan - Sejong University, Geoinformation Engineering
Dr. Dixon, Tim - University of South Florida, Department of Geology
Dr. Lohman, Rowena - Cornell University, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Dr. Aly, Mohamed - Idaho State University , Department of Geosciences
Dr. Liu, Zhen - JPL , Solid Earth
Mr. Crosby, Chris - UNAVCO , Geodetic Instrumentation
SummaryMany urban areas are experiencing landsubsidence due to anthropogenic activities, such as water, oil and natural gaswithdrawal. In addition, some areas also experience subsidence due to naturalprocesses such as sediment compaction. The combination can make some coastalurban areas such as New Orleans highly susceptible to flooding due to stormsurge during hurricanes and other tropical storms. This problem is exacerbatedby global warming and sea level rise. We propose to remotely measure land subsidence in New Orleans urban areas usingInterferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) observations. Wewill use both standard interferometric techniques as well as the new pointtarget scatterer technique.Our results will be tested againstleveling data, GPS and other InSARobservation using other SAR observations, mainly C-band. These comparisons will provide usefultests for the general feasibility testand accuracy assessment of X-band InSAR technique in urban.

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