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Summary of Proposal GEO1785

TitleRecent volcanic activity in the southernRed Sea studied using high- resolution TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Wenbin, Xu - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Earth Science and Engin.
Team Member
Dr Jonsson, Sigurjon - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Earth Science and Engineering
SummaryAn energetic effusive eruption startedon Jebel at Tair island in the Red Sea on September 30, 2007, destroying asmall Yemeni military outpost and causing several casualties. Four years later,a surtseyan volcanic eruption occurred in the Zubair archipelago, some 30 km southof Jebel at Tair island, producing huge ash and steam clouds and forming a newisland. No in-situ geophysical data or ground geodetic data were collected tostudy these volcanic eruptions. Therefore, the only way to study this activityis to use optical and radar remote sensing. The aim of this proposal is to usealready acquired TerraSAR-X data, along with other remote sensing data, tostudy volcanism in the southern Red Sea, in particular on these two islands. We plan to make high-resolution DEMsfor the Jebel at Tair Island and the new island (and its neighbors) in theZubair archipelago using SAR interferometry. Decorrelation in InSAR images willbe use to precisely map extent of new lava flows on Jebel at Tair and differentiationof pre-eruption and post-eruption DEMs will be used to estimate the volume of lavaflows and other mass changes. Co-eruption deformation will help constrainingparameters of magma dike models and provide information about how magmapropagated to the surface. We also plan to map coastline changes and othergeomorphological changes from the high-resolution TerraSAR-X amplitude imageryand compare them to the high-resolution optical imagery (e.g. Worldview II). The archived TerraSAR-X dataneeded for this project were acquired in stripmap and spotlight modes, the datadelivery will be via FTP and data processing with the GAMMA software. The workis funded by a KAUST fellowship. The planned deliverables of this project include1-2 peer-reviewed journal papers, several presentations in internationalconference and a substantial part of the PIís Ph.D. dissertation.

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