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Summary of Proposal GEO1769

TitleVolcanic deformation around Kamchatka volcanoes detected by TerraSAR-X InSAR
Investigator Ji, Lingyun - China Earthquake Administration, Second Crust Monitoring and Application Center
Team Member
Dr. Lu, Zhong - USGS, Cascades Volcano Observatory
SummaryKizimen and PloskyTolbachik are two active volcanoes which are located at the central part of Eastern Volcanic Front, Kamchatka. We will get the pre-eruptive deformation field based on Envisat ASAR, PALSAR and TSX images. PloskyTolbachik volcano is located about 10km south of Klyuchvskay volcano. We will detect the possible pre-eruptive deformation by combining EnvisatASAR, PALSAR and TSX images. This project will be funded by Chinese Earthquake Sciences Projects (No. 201208009).

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