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Summary of Proposal GEO1742

TitleMapping Yellowstone caldera-wide and small-scale deformation using TerraSAR-X InSAR imagery
Investigator Wicks, Charles - U. S. Geological Survey, Earthquake and Volcano Science Centers
Team Member
Dr. Aly, Mohamed - Idaho State University , Department of Geosciences
Project Manager Crosby, Christopher - UNAVCO, Geodetic Imaging and OpenTopography
Dr. Wdowinski, Shimon - University of Miami, RSMAS - MGG
SummaryWepropose to use TSX images to study magmatic, tectonic and geothermal processeswithin Yellowstone that can lead to measureable surface deformation. The11 day repeat time of the TSX platform and high spatial resolution shouldenable detailed studies within a summer season that cannot be conducted with availableC and L band platforms. During a normal year, Yellowstone caldera is coveredwith snow from November through June effectively allowing good summer to summerstudies of caldera deformation but only limited studies within one snow-freeseason. We aim to study the following phenomena with TSX data: 1) caldera-widedeformation, 2) geyser basin deformation, 3) earthquake swarm deformation and4) possible deformation related to hydrothermal explosions.

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