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Summary of Proposal LAN1738

TitleMultiscale analysis of objects with Radar and optical high resolution Earth Observation images with Object Based Image Analysis methodology
Investigator Dabiri, Zahra - University of Salzburg, Geoinformatics
Team Member
Professor. Dr Blaschke, Thomas - University of Salzburg, Geoinformatics
Dr. Bartsch, Annett - University of Vienna, Geodesy and Geoinformation
SummaryThe overall objective of the proposal is to develop innovative methods for combined analysis of different types of high resolution Earth Observation images. We will apply OBIA (Object Based Image Analysis) methodology as the main framework of our research to address the spatial charactristics of objects.
Different applications will be examined for the following datasets such as Spot-5, World View-2, LiDAR datasets with 1 meter resolution, Hyperspectral images and Pleidas images. In order to investigate the methodology on microwave datasets, Radar images are required for further investigations.
To assess the potential of different type of Earth Observation datasets to address the functions and processes on the study area, the following applications are proposed: LU/ LC monitoring, assessment of habitat quality, Biotype mapping, Landslide analysis to name some.

The PhD program is funded by Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through the Doctoral College GIScience (DK W 1237-N23).

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