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Summary of Proposal HYD1724

TitleDynamics and subglacial processes of Greenland and Baffin Bay outlet glaciers
Investigator Scharrer, Kilian - ENVEO IT GmbH, N/A
Team Member
Dr Nagler, Thomas - ENVEO IT GmbH, N/A
Prof Rott, Helmut - University of Innsbruck, Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics
Dr Langer, Morten - Geological Survey of Denmark, Marine Geology & Glaciology
SummaryThe stability of the Greenland Ice Sheet and its likely current and future contribution to sea level rise is a topic of high relevance to the scientific community, the public and to policy makers all over the world. The mass loss from the ice sheet nearly doubled in the early 2000s and this step-change is mainly attributed to widespread and synchronous dynamic thinning of tidewater glaciers. It has been speculated that warmer ocean currents intruding the Greenland fjords as well as the Baffin Bay region are triggering the observed changes, however, the nature and extent of the interaction is still unclear, and this currently prohibits a realistic representation of dynamic mass loss in predictive ice-sheet models. Likewise, the impact of increasing summer melt on the dynamics and stability of the land terminating margins of the Greenland ice sheet is not fully understood. Therefore, there is an urgent need for sub-seasonal information about marine terminating outlet glacier dynamics in Greenland and the adjacent Canadian Arctic as well as information about the subglacial drainage system under the margins of the Greenland ice sheet. Within the proposed project, we will derive 3D glacier velocity from crossing ascending and descending orbits over Greenland and the Canadian Arctic wherever data coverage allows, as well as a large sample of accurate high resolution surface displacement estimates for a large number of glaciers where these are partly lacking, providing a baseline for the assessment of past and future variations. The 3D velocity data will allow studying surface elevation changes as well as associated subglacial processes with unprecedented detail. All necessary hard- and software for this project will be provided by the participating institutes. All team members are funded throughout the entire duration of the proposed project. The deliverables of the proposed project are: 6-month progress reports as well as a final report Contributions to TerraSAR Science Team Meetings Scientific publications Time series of outlet glacier velocities in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic Time series of 3D velocities for selected outlets glaciers and sections of the icesheet margin

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