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Summary of Proposal LAN1706

TitleSeasonal dynamics over permafrost
Investigator Bartsch, Annett - Vienna University of Technology, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation
Team Member
Mrs Trofaier, Anna Maria - University of Cambridge, Scott Polar Research Institute
Dr Leibman, Marina O. - Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow department of Earth Cryosphere Institute
Dr Kumpula, Timo - University of Eastern Finnland, Department of Geography and Historical Studies
Dr. Heim, Birgit - Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Periglacial Research Group
Dr. Bartsch, Annett - ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik), Fachabteilung Klimafolgen
SummaryThe proposed activity contributes to the scientific evaluation of TerraSAR-X data. It will address the theme Polar Research and cover also issues related to land cover and hydrology. The focus will be on a site on the Yamal peninsula underlain by permafrost. This area is monitored since 1988 by the Earth cryosphere Institute and is close to a CALM site which contributes to the GTN-P network. The research will extent previous investigation with optical satellite data and other wavelength and spatial resolution radar (SAR and scatterometer) analyses. Especially the higher spatial resolution is expected to yield new information and thus enable innovation. The study will cover three permafrost related aspects: seasonal permafrost thaw lake dynamics, active layer detachments and snow structure changes. These investigations will advance our understanding of processes over permafrost in this region and contribute to the development of methods for permafrost monitoring.
Analyses will include landcover classifications, change detection and comparison of backscatter behaviour to C-band and Ku-band data based on stripmap mode acquisitions available in the archive. A publication for each of the sub-tasks is foreseen as deliverable.

The project will tie into activities of the FP7 Project PAGE21 (Vienna University of Technology), the OEAW project 'Thaw lake dynamics' (SPRI), ongoing high resolution satellite research of landslides (UEF) and ground investigations by the Earth Cryosphere Institute SB RAS.

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