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Summary of Proposal MTH1693

TitleExtensive exploitation of spotlight TSX data for monitoring deformation in urban areas
Investigator Manunta, Michele - IREA-CNR, N/A
Team Member
Mr. Ojha, Chandrakanta - IREA-CNR, N/A
Dr Bonano, Manuela - IREA-CNR, N/A
Mr. Lanari, Riccardo - IREA-CNR, N/A
SummaryThe project has a double scope: first of all we will effectively exploit the very high resolution TSX data for monitoring very densely urbanized areas affected by deformation phenomena and, secondly, we want to study the relation between the density of detectable points and the spatial resolution. In this context, the work will be dedicated to investigate and improve the capabilities of the advanced DInSAR techniques, such as the SBAS algorithm, to analyze deformation phenomena affecting single buildings and man-made structures in densely urbanised area. The characteristics of very high resolution radar systems are expected to have a strong impact on the computational requirements needed for DInSAR product generation. Indeed, due to the reduced revisit time and the increased spatial resolutions, both long computation time and large amount of storage have also to be considered. In this context, within the proposed research project we intend to develop advanced methodologies and specific algorithms based on faster techniques and parallel computation, in order to effectively exploit the potentialities offered by the spotlight TSX system. Moreover, we will analyze the impact of the DInSAR mapping improvement for deformation time-series retrieval in urban areas, passing from the C- to X-band SAR systems. To achieve this task, a search strategy could be incorporated to understand the specific behaviour of the spatial density of coherent pixels with the increase of spatial resolutions. To investigate this, we will analyze several SAR datasets characterized by different spatial resolutions. This approach will open a new platform for DInSAR methodologies in the context of new monitoring scenarios, in particular for the analyses of deformation phenomena affecting single building and isolated structures.

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