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Summary of Proposal LAN1687

TitleRelations between coherence and spatial resolution in space-borne interferometric SAR
Investigator Hong, Sang-Hoon - Korea Polar Research Institute, Division of Polar Ocean Environment
Team Member
Dr. Won, Joong-Sun - Yonsei University, Earth System Science
Dr. Kim, Sang-Wan - Sejong University , Geoinformation Engineering
Dr. Wdowinski, Shimon - University of Miami, Division of Marine Geology and Geophysics
Dr. Jung, Hyung-Sup - University of Seoul, Department of Geoinformatics
SummaryInterferometric coherence is very critical factor for obtaining reliable result using the InSAR technique in a variety of applications. In our recent study, we evaluated the coherence characteristics of multi-frequency SAR data, acquired by TerraSAR-X, ALOS, and Envisat, and found that spatial resolution can affect interferometric coherence. Our coherence analysis showed that the high-resolution X-band (TerraSAR-X) data are characterized by very high coherence level, significantly higher than that of the C-band (Envisat) data. Although our coherence analysis is very indicative, it relies on various wavelengths and various temporal baselines. As a result, it is hard to separate the different contributions to the coherence. In this project, we propose to continue the coherence analysis using the same wavelength data that have acquired with different spatial resolutions. In particular, we are interested to compare very high spatial resolution data acquired by the spotlight acquisition mode (1 m resolution) and stripmap mode (3 m resolution). Such data will allow us to develop an empirical model to describe the relationship between spatial resolution and the coherence. We plan to use all the available data in both acquisition modes to generate interferograms and calculate their coherence maps using several window sizes (3x3, 5x5, 9x9 pixels). Based on the coherence results, we will generate empirical models to relate the coherence to spatial resolution.

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