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Summary of Proposal MTH1636

TitleEOLib - Earth Observation Image Librarian
Investigator Schwarz, Gottfried - DLR, MF-PB
Team Member
Prof. Datcu, Mihai - DLR, MF-PB
Mr. Reck, Christoph - DLR, DFD-IT
Dr. Preuß, Dietmar - DLR, DFD-IT
Dr. Manilici, Vlad - DLR, DFD-IT
Dr. Espinoza-Molina, Daniela - DLR, MF-PB
Dr. Dumitru, Octavian - DLR, MF-PB
Mr. Schwarz, Gottfried - DLR, MF-PB
Georgescu, Florin Andrei - Military Technical Academy,
SummaryThe EOLib system, funded by an ESA contract with DLR, will allow users to find EO products of interest for their specific application based on information content, to prototype EO applications by locally applying Information Mining tools to selected products and to identify unusual and yet undiscovered patterns in large EO datasets including time series. EOLib aims at a tool for sustainable long term and efficient utilisation of EO data content.To this end, EOLib shall: a) Analyse the scientific and technical Data and Information Mining achievements for their use in an operational PGS context on well-defined very large EO datasets, b) Analyse Information Mining use cases for their uniqueness and expectable success as opposed to (or in collaboration with) other approaches of accessing large EO data holdings, c) Extend the IIM concepts to methods for mining heterogeneous EO sources, e.g., EO images, ImageTime Series, their metadata, and other related geo-information. d) Develop relevant state-of-the-art, and elaborate new Information Mining algorithms up to operational maturity, e) Elaborate a multi-mission multi-temporal Image Information Mining system architecture ensuring PGS integration and f) Develop, demonstrate and evaluate EOLib as a system implementing selected IIM and KDD functions for selected use cases on selected datasets. Data requirements and deliverables follow ESA's contract with DLR.

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